Who We Are

As a Company

NIRO is a Davao-based company that aims to aid the dynamic life of every Filipino. We aspire to provide our customers with pioneering solutions to ease the struggles of a busy life. As a growing entity, it is our mission to offer our consumers what's best, in the most efficient and effective way possible. We envision an era of productive return in outcomes and learnings that would push our domain in achieving greater heights. What started as a concept, has now became a reality through this store, and through you.

As a Community

Customers are the heart of our entity, and it is our goal to provide you with fast services, direct communication line, and quality products. We are not merely selling, rather we are embarking a journey of building loyalty among our consumers to bridge the gaps between us and our people. NIRO is our people, NIRO is you.

As One With NIRO

One of our pillars is to integrate the evolving word of online shopping with the users themselves. One With NIRO means that for your every purchase you are also OWNing your choice. By putting your trust to us, we are aiming everyday to reciprocate your honesty. We want to better understand our community that is why it is our goal to be One with you. You chose us, and we choose to be better for you. 

OWN your self. Love your life. Be One With NIRO.

Our Values

  • We believe that quality, design, and feel are a must in every product.

  • We aspire for a satisfying experience in every purchase.
  • We invest in affordability, loyalty, and community.

Our Guarantee

It is our belief that online phishing and scamming is very prominent nowadays. Ergo, we assure you that every transaction with NIRO is 100% safe and secured. Your data is protected by our laws and regulation, it is absolutely encrypted. We are verified by our financial partners and the governing body of regulations here in the Philippines. NIRO is Secure.